Artist Spotlight

Every month (or so) we will be featuring an artist from the pastel community in an effort to help show their work to a larger audience. If you would like to submit your work, send 3 of your best and recent works along with a short bio and a link to your website to:

 This month's featured artist is Diane Rudnick Mann.


A native Bostonian, Diane Rudnick Mann moved to Los Angeles in 1988 as a writer but after taking a drawing class at UCLA, saw her future. Basically a self-taught pastel artist who started painting later in life she found the work became a passion. She has no specific agenda about what she paints, she just paints. In a way, she believes that not having had years of training frees her from thinking about what she’s “supposed” to do. For her, each new piece is like an adventure and the excitement for her comes from the process of watching a painting develop across the canvas.