Origin: Australia
Colors: 20
Sheet: 19.5"x27.5" Coated: 18.5"x26.5"
Weight: 340gsm

• European Archival Paper
• Lightfast Acrylic Base Primer 
• Soft Tooth COLOURFIX™ Smooth Texture
• Easier Blending

Art Spectrum has added COLOURFIX™ Smooth Texture to their line of pastel specialty surfaces. The smooth is for those artists looking for less layering, finer detail, easier blending and a less abrasive surface (easier on the fingers). The paper is manufactured by screen printing Colourfix™ Smooth Primer onto European Archival 300gsm Hot Pressed watercolour paper making 340gsm pastel paper. SMOOTH is produced in all the same colors as the original Colourfix. The acrylic base primer is lightfast, can handle many different underpainting mediums, and has a very fine, smooth tooth. Available in assorted packs and sheets... (click below for more information)