Origin: Australia
Colors: 154
Size: 1/2"x 2 3/4"

Art Spectrum is a medium soft pastel from Australia. The Art Spectrum line has unique colors to the Australian palette, including many rich dark tones. The pastels are all highly lightfast and pure, brilliant and intense. The nature of the individual pigments causes slight variations in the softness of the colors in mass tone. Each color has a three digit number with a letter designating: D = Darkest, N = Nero (Dark), P = Pure Pigment, T = Tinted, V = Very Tinted, & X = Extra Tinted. All colors do not have all tint designations.

SOFT-WHITE PASTELS: Art Spectrum has 12 Extra Soft very lightly tinted colors to compliment their line of medium soft pastels. These colors are much softer than their regular line of pastels and work great for finishing highlights. They are formed by using less binder than the standard range and by adding a unique inert additive to increase ease of application.

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