Origin: China 🇨🇳
Colors: 504
Size: 9/16" x 1 3/8"

The Jack Richeson Company has a new line of Soft Pastels! Richeson Handrolled offer a luxurious texture and incredibly rich colors in an innovative size (9/16" diameter and 1 3/8" long) making them suitable for both studio and plein air work. The compact size of the sets makes them easy to store or take into the field. The broad color range covers the full spectrum with rich darks to lightest tints. The Richeson Handrolled are a professional quality, lightfast, pigment rich soft pastel at an affordable price point! There is a vast array of sets available in the Handrolled Pastel line. Special attention has been placed on sets by VALUE. The basic color divisions are separated into values from 1 (darkest) to 10 (lightest). Instructors will find these sets are essential in transitioning students cognitive understanding of values to practical application... (click below for more information)