Origin: USA
Colors: 80
Size: 1/4"x 2 1/2" diameter disc

PanPastel Colors are artist quality pastels that are highly pigmented, have excellent lightfast ratings and are uniquely packed in a pan format. The manufacturing process requires minimal binder and fillers, resulting in an ultra soft, low dust formulation. 
PanPastel can be applied like paint and is not as pressure sensitive as pastel sticks, making it a truly innovative and unique product. Underpainting broad areas is easily achieved, with no waiting time involved for water or solvent washes to dry. Shading and blending techniques are accomplished with the use of a wide range of Sofft Tools.

Colors can be mixed and blended in the pans (and easily cleaned off) for an infinite palette of color. They are completely compatible with all soft pastels and pastel painting techniques! They are compatible with other painting and drawing mediums for mixed media use.


UNDER PAINTING - broad areas easily covered, no waiting for washes to dry.

LESS FILLING- solid coverage accomplished with less material leaving more open tooth.

SHADING & BLENDING- obtain subtle blending and glazing techniques using Sofft Tools.

COLOR MIXING - mix and blend the pastels right in the pans for an infinite palette.

VERSATILITY - color is erasable and is readily worked over with traditional pastels The Introductory sets are perfect for first-time users to explore the creative techniques possible with PanPastel. Sets include basic tips and instructions, 7 colors, 1 Palette Tray, 1 Sofft Painting Knife, 2 Sofft Knife Covers, 1 Sofft Sponge Bar and 1 Sofft Angle Slice Sponge.

METALLIC COLORS: Six metallic colors are available in PanPastels. Metallic colors are not included in the 80 color complete set.

PEARLESCENT COLORS AND MEDIUMS: Pearlescent mediums are mica based that add a sheen or shimmer. Fine mediums add a soft sheen while Coarse mediums add more of a shimmering sparkle.

COLORLESS BLENDER:The Colorless Blender enhances the 'flow' and extends the possibilities of blending with PanPastel. The Blender allows pulling the color further for blending and creating transparent effects, without changing the hue of a color.

The Complete set includes all 80 original colors (installed in four of the twenty slot trays) and a comprehensive selection of Sofft Tools including Art Sponges, Knives & Covers and Applicators.

Plastic palette trays with lids are available in 10 and 20 pan sizes for ease of storing and quicker access to the pans.

NEW IN 2020

DAWN EMERSON COLLECTION from the author of the ground breaking book ‘Pastel Innovations’ a 40 color set of PanPastels! Set includes 40 PanPastel Colors, 4 Sofft Angle Slice Sponges, 4 Sofft Sponge Bars and 2 Palette Trays with Covers. Includes tips for usage and links to online videos!

“PanPastel Colors give me the freedom I need to explore new ways to use color, layering, and mark making in my work.”

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