Origin: Mexico 🇲🇽
Colors: 96
Size: 1/4"x 3 1/2"

Prismacolor NuPastel are widely known and used by pastel artists. This semi-hard pastel works well for under-painting, sketching, and for detail work where a line or hard edge is necessary. Tougher than traditional pastels yet supple, Prismacolor Premier NuPastel Firm Pastel Sticks resist breaking while maintaining the same rich, creamy texture needed for blending and shading. With12 vividly smooth shades with less powdery mess than traditional pastels. They are Perfect for creating illustrations or tightly rendered drawings, the pastels can be dulled for full coverage or sharpened to a fine point. For use both wet and dry, you can create decadent layers and shimmering effects... (click below for more information)

Are you looking for discontinued 305-P Spruce Blue?