Origin: USA
Colors: 5
Weight: 145lb / 310gsm

Premier Qualities:
100% Cotton
Acid-Free & Archival
Superior Durability
Multiple Layers of Pastel
Made in USA

Pastel Premier - an Archival Quality paper for the pastel artist! Made in the USA, Pastel Premier is produced on 100% cotton, acid-free paper. Made exclusively for Pastel Premier, the unique surface is created by double priming the 100% cotton base paper, then coating with an aluminum oxide abrasive. This produces an ideal, evenly coated surface for pastel painting. A final seal layer is applied to the primed and abrasive coated sheet to make the surface extremely durable and able to withstand almost any measure of scrubbing and reworking. The paper works with a wide range of wet media including water, mineral spirits, and alcohol (heavy use of alcohol NOT recommended - may soften surface) for under-painting.

Pastel Premier is available in two surfaces:
X-Fine (600 grit) - a smoother, finer surface in WHITE only
Medium (320-400 grit) - a toothy, aggressive surface in 5 colors

Pastel Premier comes in White, Buff, Italian Clay (warm neutral gray), Terracotta, and Slate (dark, cool gray).

Pastel Premier is available in:
COLOR SAMPLERS 3 Sizes 8"X10", 9"X12", & 12"X16" with 1 sheet of each color
POCHETTES (paper pack) - 9"x12" (8 sheets) & 12"x16" (6 sheets)
SHEETS - 20"x26" & 26"x40"
ROLLS - 53"x5yds