Origin: Germany
Colors: 2
Weight: 300gsm

UART Pastel paper is the choice of many professional pastel artists where consistency of surface is needed and variety of surface texture is desired. UART is pH Neutral and Acid Free. UART original in the sand color is available in six grades ranging from 280 grit (coarse) to 800 grit (finest) for a super fine detail pastel surface. It readily accepts multiple applications of soft and hard pastels, as well as watercolor, alcohol and oil washes. Good results have also been achieved using other mediums for wash techniques.

UART DARK - Uart now offers a DARK (nearly black) version of their highly regarded pastel paper. It has all the same qualities as their standard paper. We are introducing in in 3 grits (400, 500 and 800) and in four sizes. UART Dark can be mounted on board on a custom basis now and will soon be available as a stock item.

The paper is available in pads, small size sheets in packs, single sheets and rolls. We also offer UART papers mounted on 4ply or 8ply Conservation Board also found in our BOARD section.