Origin: France
Colors: 300
Size: 3/8"x 2 1/2"

French craftsmen have been producing these fine pastels since 1780, making Girault one of the oldest handmade soft pastel brands in the world. As a result Girault offers an experienced and time-tested product, which has proven itself to be of superior quality throughout the centuries. The Girault pastel has a slightly firmer consistency than the softest pastels, yet they are very smooth and dense when applied to paper - a very unique consistency! They are creamy without being overly soft and produce very little dusting. Girault pastels work great for both covering large areas and for delicate detail work - particularly good for linear or edge work. The selection of greys and neutrals is outstanding. Girault is great for plein air work - the size and consistency of the stick allows you to pack a lot into a small space.

California Prop 65