Origin: USA
Colors: 640 (May 2-17)
Size: 1/2" x 1-1/2"

Terry Ludwig pastels hail from the rocky western region of Colorado. Established in 1995, the inspiration to create a new line of pastels grew from founder and artist Terry Ludwig's frustration with the lack of variety in the color spectrum of pastels. His goal was to manufacture a wide range of colors that were uniformly soft across all densities of hue. It is safe to say that today Terry Ludwig has reached that goal, with 640 of the richest, densest, darkest and most vibrant pastels in the art world. The square shape, creamy softness and stick size make this pastel very popular with pastel artists. They are great for making broad strokes and fine lines, and lay down super smooth. The Darks, Essential Grays and True Lights are popular Terry Ludwig sets. The 14 color specialty sets are a great way to try out this exceptional line of soft pastels!

30 INTENSE DARKS I - includes bright acidic greens, intense reds and purples

30 INTENSE DARKS II - includes deep browns, shadowy blues and deep purples 60

RICHARD MCKINLEY WORKSHOP - set features mid-values and neutral tones

60 ARID LANDSCAPE - neutral greens, clear blue skies and basic SW landscape colors

60 PLEIN AIR - is a general selection of 'on location' colors

60 SOUTHEAST - contains warm greens, bright florals and misty blues.

60 MAGGIE PRICE VALUE - carefully selected and arranged - great foundation set!

60 SUNRISE - SUNSET - sun rises and sets with Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue

30 BEST OF THE BEST BLUES - -the highest demand blues for skies and water

30 SHADES OF NATURE: with a foundation of deep ochre, perfect for the muted colors of spring, fall and winter

14 BEST LOVED BASICS - dark to light values, a great set to try out Ludwig pastels

*We do not stock individual Terry Ludwig Pastels - they must be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

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