We offer a selection of high quality fixatives in aerosol cans and one in liquid form. All brands work as both workable and final fixes. Spray fixatives are best applied in multiple thin coats rather than one heavy coat to avoid pooling or oversaturating the pastel surface. Aerosol Fixatives must be shipped via UPS Ground and are not eligible for international shipment.

The dilemma to fix or not to fix is always a question of balance between affecting the color and protecting the fragile pastel. Color shift will be evident to some extent with any fixative applied to the surface of a soft pastel painting. The brands we carry are the best fixatives available and produce the least amount of change. Shift is most noticeable in very light colors. To 'fix' the multifaceted pastel particles, the particles are coated with fixative that sticks them to each other and the surface. It is the coating reflecting light in a different manner that gives the look of the color shifting or darkening.