Origin: England 🇬🇧
Colors: Standard 380 / Large 108
Size: Half: 1/2" x 1”
Standard: 1/2" x 2"
Large: 3/4” x 3”

LARGE UNISON PASTEL STICKS - A limited range of 108 large size sticks 3/4” x 3” is  available in open stock. 

Artist John Hersey took it upon himself to create the tools with which he wished to work, and thus created Unison Pastels. Inspired by a fascination with the texture and deep black pigment of soft charcoal he sought to create a line of pastels with similar attributes. What sets Unison Pastels apart from the rest is the process by which they are made. An arduous procedure that yields an impressive crop of creamy textured and deeply pigmented pastels... (click below for more information)