Origin: England
Colors: 374
Size: Full Stick 1/2" x 2" Half-Stick: 1/2" x1"


Distribution of Unison Pastels has changed in the US. Dakota is making a rolling change to new packaging, phasing out of some discontinued colors (now 374) and introducing of a few new colors and sets. New lower prices as well! Artist John Hersey took it upon himself to create the tools with which he wished to work, and thus created Unison Pastels. Inspired by a fascination with the texture and deep black pigment of soft charcoal he sought to create a line of pastels with similar attributes. What sets Unison Pastels apart from the rest is the process by which they are made. An arduous procedure that yields an impressive crop of creamy textured and deeply pigmented pastels.

Each pastel is rolled by hand and then air-dried in the setting of Northumberland, England - where the risk of over drying the pastel is minimal. The 374 colors in Unison's line are likewise the result of a unique process. Rather than adding black and white to pure colors in order to make tints, the color range was designed as a total spectrum, with "cycles of related hues to reflect what he (Hersey) sees in nature." It is from this process that the company name - Unison Color - is derived. Unison Pastel Half Stick sets: available in 16, 30, 63 and 120 color selections. Half sticks are great for trying out the line or for use as compact travel sets. New sets include 16 half stick Landscape and Portrait selections.

Unison Full Stick Sets:
Discover Set of 18: Special price as an introduction to this famous English pastel. 8 Color Introductory sets available in various selections as a way to experiment with Unison Pastels. 18 Color Range sets are a great way to strengthen Color areas of your palette. It is also a way to build up to buying the whole line without duplicating colors.

STARTER, PORTRAIT & LANDSCAPE sets are available in 18, 36 and 72 piece selections.