Pronounced: SHMIN-KEE

Origin: Germany 🇩🇪
Colors: 400
Size: Full Stick: 1/2"x 2 1/2" Half-Stick: 1/2" x1 3/8"

Schmincke Pastels rank 1st out of 21 in our softness comparison. Comparing Pastel Hardness (PDF)

Schmincke Finest Soft Pastels and their Mixtures B D H M O

First penned in 1881 by its founders Herman Schmincke and Josef Horadam, Schmincke has continued to live up to its company motto, 'Meliora Cogito' - I Strive for the Best. With a strict adherence to this tradition and an eye towards innovation the Schmincke soft pastel came to be.

Schmincke is an especially soft, velvety and intensely pigmented pastel line. Only the purest pigments are used and in the highest possible concentration while the binding compound is kept to a minimum. The manufacturing process is almost entirely done by hand, guaranteeing homogenous quality and smoothness in the final product. The pastels are amazingly consistent - 'rich as velvet and soft as silk'- throughout the entire color range from the very darkest to the lightest colors. One swipe of a Schmincke pastel and a rich stroke of the purest pigment will be left on the paper.

SPECIAL COLOR: #058B Dakota VioletMade EXCLUSIVELY for Dakota Pastels!

FULL SET: This elegant dark stained wood box has a folding wood handle, dove tailed corners and four removable trays.

NEW in 2024! HALF STICK SETS: A 120 pc. and two 60 pc. half stick sets from Schmincke. A special promotion of general assortments available for a limited time! 120 is the total colors produced in half sticks. The 60 pc sets A & B are both workable sets – the only color duplicated between the two 60pc. sets is white! (Together the two 60 pc. sets = the 120 set). Buy one now and add the other on later!