Origin: France
Colors: 525
Size: Full Stick 7/16"x2 1/2" Half-Stick: 1/2"x1 3/8" La Grande 7/8"x4 3/8"

Established in 1887 by chemist and purveyor of color Gustave Sennelier. The carefully constructed Sennelier palette has historically been regarded by many artists as the ultimate standard of quality. Sennelier’s large selection of soft pastels has a total of 525 colors made from a combination of high quality pure pigments and a natural transparent binder. Naturally occurring minerals from the Champagne region of France are added to the pure pigments to produce exceptional luminosity and to create the wonderful ranges from very dark to almost white tints. Artists will notice some variation in softness of the pastel sticks due to the chemical composition of the pure pigments.

The original purity of the pigments, whose smoothness varies according to their individual chemical composition, can sometimes result in variations in softness. By not altering this characteristic with fillers or chalks, Sennelier insures that the pastel keeps its special brilliance and intensity. The extensive color range provides the broadest selection of dark hues (their most popular colors are the darkest blues and black greens) and tones. The bright reds and yellows are especially intense. The Sennelier Half Stick sets are a great value and offer a variety of different size sets. Half stick pastels do not have a label and are a slightly larger diameter than the standard stick.

120 PARIS COLLECTION has a tremendous selection of colors and is very compact - making it an excellent plein air set and a great introduction to the pastel medium - one of our Best Selling sets!

LA GRANDE SIZE - 62 colors now available in an oversize 7/8"x4 3/8" stick

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