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Blue Earth 28 Cerulean

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  • Jim Chomchai7/26/2019 7:13 AM
    "Blue earh and Dakota pastel"
    Love the softness of blue earth pastels as well how they are organized by gradations of value and hue. Good size for taking on plein aire adventures. Also like that each is individually stamped with an identification number. Also the customer service for Dakota pastel is awesome- helpful, friendly, and easy to reach.
  • Pam Walker7/22/2019 10:00 AM
    "Perfect colors"
    These are really sweet pastels. One of my new favorites for sure. Soft and smooth, gorgeous colors.
  • Donna J. berkley4/26/2019 9:33 AM
    "Love these oastels"
    I love Blue Earth Pastels. Soft but not crumbly. Similar to Sennelier in texture but uniform in shape. And I love the squared shape which is more consistent - no weird shapes. Last a good while and I can reorder either individual sticks or color groups. I am reordering the whole box of colors I use the most. And I love the way they come arranged in color families with shades and tints.
  • L.D.4/1/2019 6:08 AM
    "Nice collection for sky and water"
    I totally appreciate how carefully this collection was thought out and how systematic this approach can be used to create "perfect" pastel paintings. There is nothing random or unexpected about these pastels. They are soft and buttery and very small and of course expensive. I will add that none of the Ceruleans were included in the Nomad set and I bought this set to supplement my Nomad field set.