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Blue Earth 28 Earth Green

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  • Ann1/6/2024 4:24 AM
    "Beautiful set of greens"
    Beautiful array of green values! I love the texture of these pastels and the square shape. I look forward to using them in my landscape work
  • Debbie Robinson12/30/2023 10:27 AM
    "Pastel review"
    I love the consistency, shape, and colors of the Blue Earth pastels! This is my second purchase after buying The Drifter.
  • Birgit Spaulding6/10/2023 6:21 AM
    "Earth green"
    Great colors!
  • Mary Beadles7/7/2022 12:38 PM
    "Loved the pastels."
    I have not had a chance to use all of these in this set, but what I have used I really love. I love the softness and the buttery feel to the pastel. I am excited to use more in the coming days.
  • Kathy Murdock7/1/2022 7:03 AM
    "Just so fabulous"
    Colors are fabulous and just so soft
  • Judith A Rizzo2/17/2022 3:30 PM
    "Always very pleased with Dakota products and website"
    Beautiful array of values and hues. Haven't used them yet but will be applying them tomorrow to finish a painting. Always pleased with Dakota pastels.
  • Mina Harper6/21/2021 8:49 AM
    "Green earth colors"
    It is all I had hoped for. Very exciting colors.
  • Julia Fldtcher1/3/2020 6:05 AM
    "Great pastels"
    This is a wonderful variety of greens. Soft and creamy in their application.
  • Marilyn Gurtz10/10/2019 1:34 PM
    "28 earth green"
    Love, love these pastels. You need to have some coupons for your valued customers -at least once in awhile !
  • Diane Key5/21/2019 12:37 AM
    "Will buy more"
    Beautiful greens with full full value range.
  • Rhonda Bock5/5/2019 6:46 PM
    "Blue earth greens"
    Beautiful! Perfect for my painting. Will order more
  • Donna J Berkley4/26/2019 9:36 AM
    "Love these colors"
    I love Blue Earth Pastels. Soft but not crumbly. Similar to Sennelier in texture but uniform in shape. And I love the squared shape which is more consistent - no weird shapes. Last a good while and I can reorder either individual sticks or color groups. I am reordering the whole box of colors I use the most.
  • Robert Slaterbeck9/14/2018 4:43 AM
    "Great product"
    While I have thousands of Pastel sticks, I use three brands for most of my work. Terry Ludwig, Blue Earth and Girault. I have almost everything Ludwig makes and a limited number of colors in Blue Earth. The green assortment gives me a wide range of values all in one box. This is great when I am taking a class. I like soft pastel and prefer the shape over round. I carry three sets of neutrals. Despite their softness, they really last. I love them.