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Blue Earth 28 Neutral Cool

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  • Laura hammond8/1/2020 2:14 AM
    I just loves these pastels the rich colors they are so creamy and go down on the paper just beautifully. Money well invested.
  • Sharyn Lightfoot9/8/2019 6:52 AM
    "Neutral Cool"
    Opening the box for the first time, I was even happier than I expected to be. Seeing the colors on my computer just did not compare. Immediately, all kinds of ideas formed for the future. Just then I used them to tone down a summer green scene. Exactly what it needed!! Love them!
  • Margaret Bradburn8/8/2019 9:39 AM
    "Great Texture and Useful Color!"
    Blue Earth pastels are a favorite of mine. The texture and size make them a great tool. The neutral cool set I just purchased has a good variety from from the slightly warmer to the the coolest grays. My only regret is that I do not have the whole set.
  • Patricia Bevan8/13/2018 6:52 AM
    "Blue Earth Neutral Cools"
    I love the texture and the subtle coloring of the neutrals.