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Blue Earth 28 Quinacridone

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  • Helen Turner5/18/2024 2:00 PM
    "Blue Earth pastels!!"
    I simply love this brand of pastels, and am slowly building up to the full set. I needed this set of gorgeous pinks to enhance my tropical landscapes. Thank you Dakota for carrying them!
  • Chrissie3/27/2022 12:52 AM
    "Nice, but small and expensive"
    The Quin Pink set has a good range of pinks. Half are saturated tones and the other half are dusky rose hues/neutrals. Most of them are very soft, but a few are hard and scratchy. This is likely a result of the pigments used, and is pretty standard. My only issue with these is the size and the price. They are the smallest pastels I’ve ever seen. I measured mine, and not one exceeds 1 1/8 inch in length. A few are 1 1/16 inch. These do not even qualify as 1/2 stick pastels, they are more like 1/3 stick. While the quality and pigment saturation is good, the small size compared to other high quality pastels makes these quite expensive. I will keep them and use them happily, but I’ll shop around for pinks from other brands once these are gone. I recommend them if you can get them at a good sale price or you really want to try the Blue Earth brand. Just be advised that they are barely over an inch long, and some people might not like using such a tiny pastel.
  • Jody Nash10/25/2021 7:08 AM
    "Oh! The pinks and reds!"
    Yummy and buttery, I had been sorely lacking many of these rich colors. Love this set. The whole realm from pale to the deepest.
  • Susan Hester7/27/2021 2:46 PM
    "Love the colors"
    I love the range of colors and the softness of the pastels.
  • Valerie3/5/2021 7:41 AM
    "Best pastels ever"
    Blue Earth pastels are the best on the market in my opinion and I did try many of them. I didn't try the most expensive but majority. They are all so soft and velvety, so uniform in consistency. All bands I tried have pastels all over the place, one is falling apart, another of the same brand scratching sanded paper, etc...… I haven't found a single one that I cannot use. I already have 6 sets and find myself using them mostly in my painting. I am aiming for the full collection.
  • MaryLou Etter9/11/2020 7:15 AM
    "Love them!!!!"
    Yummy colors and great texture! This is my first time trying Blue Earth and I have to say they're wonderful. I was surprised how small they are - as opposed to my Terry Ludwigs but I do really love them.