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PastelMat Boards

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  • Carol Wiggins2/8/2024 6:41 AM
    "Pastelmat Anthracite and other colors"
    Wonderful product for colored pencils and great customer service from Dakota Pastel!
  • Carol Wiggins11/16/2023 5:36 AM
    "Pastelmat Board"
    Excellent product, and shipped so they can be stored flat without curling. Your stock of colors is wide, and the white board, which has a lot of quality control surface issues in the UK and Continent always arrives with the softly sueded surface I expect and no surface scratches.
  • Anita Ronning3/17/2022 7:58 AM
    "All good!"
    All good! Come back to Dakota because I know ahead of time that you will back the service & product. Love your work on our behalf whether at the Mt. Vernon workshops/“candy shop”*, at the Leavenworth site (Richard McKinley) or your online order service. *aka: your warehouse
  • Donna Irons-McGue2/15/2022 11:48 AM
    I was surprised that the mats were so large. Silly me it is kind of scary thinking about a beginner doing a painting that size. Oh boy this will be fun!
  • Joan Dreicer10/1/2021 8:30 AM
    "Wow, these hold so much pastel!"
    I love the smooth surface and the ability to hold layers of pastel. The assorted colors will work well as a tone for me to begin with when I prefer not to do an underpainting.
  • Jolene7/16/2021 8:13 AM
    "Pastelmat Board is my favorite surface"
    The only reason I give this a 4 is because sometimes you get a board with a slight flaw and these can be more difficult to work around. It is still my favorite color pencil surface. It takes MANY, MANY layers, is a good, firm support, and erases well with putty.
  • J Cetak1/23/2021 8:34 AM
    "Great surface for color pencil"
    I’ve tried multiple supports for my color pencil art and this has become my favorite. I’m honestly not good enough yet to know how to work around the inconsistencies of Pastelmat paper, so this more even surface works best for me.
  • Kimbearlys10/31/2020 4:32 AM
    "Fantastic PastelMat Boards"
    Love these PastelMat boards. Fantastic. Will be back for more.