Pastel Try Me Out Samplers

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The Dakota Try Me Out Samplers provides a range of pastels to showcase the difference in characteristics of pastels. There is no set color theme to the selections.


SOFTNESS RANGE SAMPLER: Cretacolor, Rembrandt, Mount Vision, Richeson, Blue Earth

SQUARE SAMPLER: Pastels that gives you the edge! The softest square pastels.
Blue Earth, Terry Ludwig, Holbein, Great American, Art Spectrum Extra-Soft Square

MEDIUM SOFT SAMPLER: Updated to represent pastels on the less-soft side.
Cretacolor, Holbein, Art Spectrum, Rembrandt, Girault

IRIDESCENT SAMPLER: Five pastels that shimmer. Diane Townsend Soft Form, Great American, Sennelier, Schmincke, Mount Vision

The sets are not designed to be a comprehensive working set and colors chosen are completely random & dependent on available stock.


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