Origin: USA
Colors: 408
Size: 3/4"x 1 3/4"

Diane Townsend Pastels originated in a New York City loft in 1971. Working from a 15th century Italian formula, Townsend undertook what would become an ever evolving process that led to the collection of highly sought after pastels we see today: Soft Form, Thinline and Terrages. Townsend pastels are very densely pigmented, utilize pumice as an ingredient, and have great clarity and good covering power. While they maintain a very smooth application of rich color and dense coverage, the addition of pumice results in a grittier pastel, which allows the pastel dust to embed in the fibers of the paper it is applied to. The nature of the base pigment dictates the soft to very soft consistency of each color. In the Soft Form, a 3 step value system is used for each color: Dark, Pure Color & Light. The Off-White and Pale colors (80D thru 90L) are a nice subtly tinted alternative to using traditional whites. The Midnight colors (50D thru 53L) are a great alternative to blacks.

There are sets of 120 Solid Pure colors, 120 Light (L) and 120 Dark (D) variations of each color and 48 exotic colors set (10 fluorescent, 7 iridescent, 15 pearlescent and 16 metallic). *There are no L or D variations of Bone Black #1 and Titanium White #10. The Light and Dark 120 sets have the Solid form of both these colors repeated in the set. Diane Townsend pastels are handmade in very small batches. Because of this one may see slight differences in colors between batches due to differences in base pigments, and because new and improved pigment combinations are continually being developed. There is one thing to consider if you use the exotic colors. They are slightly more fragile and require a different touch. You cannot bear down on them as hard! The reason is that in order to keep the pearl or metallic color Diane can't add filler or chalk to support the mica pigment without dulling the pastel. So it is a trade-off - color for fragility!

HOT COLORS of fire and brimstone
GREYTONES mixed light and dark with cool and warm
LIGHTS are warm and cool off whites with barely perceptible shifts in tonality PURPLE/VIOLET intense colors with red to blue variations
MIDNIGHT are very dark, with almost imperceptible shifts
DARK create rich undertones with more perceptible color than the Midnight
LIGHT VIBRATIONS warm and cool whites in very muted tones
FLUORESCENT colors to add pop to any painting are unique to Townsend
DAMP EARTH rich earthtones to enhance your palette
MISTY MAUVES moody, muted mauves
PEARLGEMS twelve of the best selling Pearlescent colors for accents

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