Origin: France
Colors: 16
Sizes: 9.5"x12.5", 19.5"x27.5" & 27.5"x39"
Weight: 360gsm
Board Weight: 1280gsm

Pastelmat is a truly unique pastel surface from Clairfontaine of France. It has a smooth, velvety feel making it gentle to the touch while displaying an incredible ability to grab and hold multiple layers of soft pastel. It's ability to tenaciously hold multiple layers of pastel significantly reduces or eliminates the need for fixative. Pastelmat is produced on a premium card surface (360gsm/170lb) and a stout board surface (1280 gsm – roughly the same as a 4 ply) that is both acid free and lightfast. It is ideal for use with all dry media and resistant to water and solvents so that it can be used with wet media under painting. A Dark and Light Green were added in 2019 to make 14 beautiful subtle colors available.

Pads are available in 3 sizes and 7 different color combinations. Pads also have protective interleaving sheets between pages.

Note: Anthracite is a very dark charcoal grey

*Not suitable for any heat mounting methods.