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Blue Earth Assorted 84

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  • BeadSwede4/25/2021 2:26 AM
    "Wonderfully Soft"
    This is a great set of pastels! The colors are gorgeous but not overly bright. They are buttery soft and go on easily over a hard or soft pastel layer. The smaller diameter of the square shape makes it easier to apply. The only negative is that these pastels are short so will get used up quicker. I would love the complete set!
  • Janie Park11/15/2019 6:05 AM
    "Wonderful pastels"
    Excellent pigment and softness. Would love to have the full set.
  • Marilyn H8/1/2019 6:22 PM
    "Love Blue Earth Pastels"
    I purchased this set to go in my Dakota pochade box. They can be purchased together, but I waited for a sale. The pastels arrived in well protected boxes and in perfect condition. Blue Earth are smaller than most pastels, but lay down beautifully, are a bit softer but not crumbly. I like the square shape for edges. Gorgeous color choices at a nice price.
  • Patrick Gallagher7/1/2019 2:23 AM
    "First time user"
    First time using these pastels. Nice texture and consistency. Great coverage and mark making. My new go-to pastels.