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Blue Earth 336 Full Set

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  • Linda Maize2/20/2022 3:54 PM
    "Blue Earth Pastels"
    They are very breakable but their ease of use - being placed by value= makes it worth it. I am getting used to them and enjoying using them. Thank you for the great service. You guys are the best - kind, efficient, and quick.
  • Wanda Greene9/27/2021 6:01 PM
    These pastels are square, but a little shorter than Terr Ludwig. They come in boxes of color families arranged ldark to light and warm to cool. The container has them sitting up on their ends and when you remove one, it's shorter than it looks. They go on with a very buttery feel when applying that's a joy. It does seem that they are a little crumbly. They're great.
  • Daphne5/13/2021 4:18 AM
    "Blue Earth"
    Love the full set, every color range you would need and soft as butter.
  • andrea doll9/19/2019 1:21 PM
    "complete set"
    hard to put additional color on top, due to consistency
  • andrea doll9/19/2019 1:18 PM
    "full set"
    I am pretty happy with it. the chalks are pretty heavy constituency and hard to put anything on top of them.
  • Jennifer8/15/2019 12:45 PM
    "Best Set ever!"
    Bought this set for my new Heilman backpack pastel box and was so surprised that the whole set of Blue Earth fit in it, all 336 sticks and with room to spare, very soft and smooth application to sanded pastel paper, colors are perfect for travel, now I have all the colors I need when out and about. Love how its organized by hue and intensity, helps me a lot during painting. Very happy with my Full set of Blue Earth Soft Pastels, Thank you Dakota!