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PastelMat Pads & Packs

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  • Ellen Peterson6/2/2022 9:43 AM
    "Pastelmat is so forgiving"
    Love it! Finally tried Pastelmat after seeing so many use it. Holds a lot of pastel and easy to manipulate. Definitely added to my short list of substrates.
  • Karen5/22/2021 6:51 AM
    I like the pastel at use it all the time. I couldn’t get it in the color and size I wanted because they were out of stock. Will keep watching for them.
  • Cynthia D Ward5/21/2021 8:09 AM
    "Dakota is the BEST"
    Great paper, love the Pastel Mat above all others. All that I have ever bought and all the advice I have asked for, have been each and every time such a great experience. You are the best and I thank you for such care.
  • Mary Scott Blake8/31/2020 5:44 AM
    My Pastelmat pads arrived - nicely packed with bubble wrap to prevent damaged edges. I ordered it through customer service representative. She was very cordial and even compared prices for me. I was asking if it was less costly to order the sheets individually or in a pad. I’m sure I could have figured that out eventually- but so nice to have someone do the simple math for me! As far as the product itself, I’m a fan of Pastelmat paper as I have used before-,but can’t wait to try underpainting on it and also use the interesting colors I’ve not used before! Many thanks, Mary Scott Blake,
  • Alice Sapienza8/24/2020 8:39 AM
    "PastelMat No 4 pad"
    First sheet unfortunately had a flaw (crease line across the bottom). Not sure if that was why they were on sale?
  • Jea6/8/2020 6:58 AM
    "Amazing Pastelmats"
    I have been wanting to use the pastelmat paper ever since I started using soft pastels and pastel pencils. I'm glad I waited two years to purchase them, because I can fully appreciate how amazing these papers are. They hold the pastels really well and you can layer and layer pastels easily. And that pesky pastel dust, using the pastelmat eliminates that and I can use my colored pencil over the pastel for details. I love this product. And I was so happy to discover the Dakota art pastel website and even happier when I saw they sold the pastelmat. I'm not buying my pastels from anyone but Dakota pastels.
  • KAN8/30/2018 3:09 AM
    I love this paper. When you first feel it you cannot believe that it holds the pastel as well as it does. It is amazing at holding many layers. Great to travel with, very little dust. However, if you are an artist who likes to finger blend then you might be frustrated with this product. You cannot blend with your finger until the tooth is almost completely full. You can however blend with the pastels. Its wonderful paper.
  • Bruce Trentham7/16/2018 8:31 AM
    My current favorite. Likes; texture & tooth, colors, glassine in thepads. Don’t like; sometimes there is a pattern on the painting surface which eliminates my ability to paint lightly without the pattern showing, would like more middle value colors.