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PastelMat Sheets

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  • Sandra O’Brien5/30/2022 4:03 AM
    "Skeptic turned Fan"
    Am a loyal fan of LaCarte Pastel Card sheets, as I know that surface and feel comfortable. Then I tried Uart in a workshop with Eileen Casey, and learned how to create underpaintings with that surface. Recently, my teacher, Alain J. Picard, used PastelMat for some demos. I was skeptical at first. Now I am a fan! The surface is incredible and unique. It doesn’t feel as toothy as Uart or LaCarte but it allows a lot of layering! I like the different tones available from Dakota Pastels, and love the brown and maize for portrait work. Recently received a delivery of PastelMat from another art supplier and it arrived damaged, all 5 sheets had a bent corner! Your careful work in packaging PastelMat sheets for delivery, matters. Always quality customer service from Dakota, artists can count on that!
  • Janice Wall5/8/2021 12:19 PM
    Thanks, Crew! The PM sheets arrived safely and it's no surprise. Your packaging technique is the best! I first learned of this product when you first started carrying it at your store. It has been my Go-To ever since. 🙏 Jan
  • Jill Whatley8/3/2020 7:35 AM
    "Comfort food? Nope. Comfort PAPER!😂"
    I am a pastel and colored pencil artist. This paper can be used with both mediums with great results! Even though I love the sanded types of papers and boards, this is always what I come back to. It doesn’t really feel like it’s textured but it holds layer after layer with no worries at all! It handles dry and wet under paintings without damage. I get the big sheets and cut to size, mount on foam core, then create. Dakota pastels have been great so far. They are careful with the packaging for mailing, I've always received the paper in pristine condition and fast! Even during the Covid crisis. If you’re looking for a great paper, don’t hesitate. It’ll bring your art to the next level. It even comes in a lot of great colors❤️
  • Marvin6/24/2020 1:42 PM
    "Best in the west"
    As for the pastelmat paper it is my favorite and best paper for pastels. This review is more for Dakota pastels. It is great they only deal in pastels. When shipped they do not skimp on protecting the product. And they ship fast which I really like. A special note about “April” in customer service, she is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. That goes a long way with me.
  • Sue Gombus6/22/2020 7:53 AM
    "PastelMat Sheets"
    Came when it was supposed to......packaged perfectly.
  • Christina5/30/2020 5:09 AM
    still trying to figure out if I like this. Used to a more sanded surface and noticed after a couple layers colors started to come off if I used a harder pastel. Could be a good thing. The color was nice. can't erase any sketch though.
  • Linda4/10/2020 4:58 AM
    "Pastel please"
    PastelMat is my choice for the hardest pencil to the softest piece of pastel. I can get fine detail or soft dreamy marks. I prefer the large sheets because I can cut to size or paint large. This surface is perfect.
  • Susan L Clark7/13/2018 11:33 AM
    "Best pastel sheets"
    These are the very best pastel sheets I have ever used. Hold more layers of soft pastel than even sandpaper, and are easy on your fingers as you blend! The colors are excellent, but showing through and covered!