Origin: USA
Colors: 190
Size: 1/2"x 1"x1 3/4''

Terrages is a combination of the words terra (for earth) and gesture. The size, shape and consistency of the stick make them great for bold gesture strokes, but also responsive to a light touch. The Terrages are made with a mixture of traditional pigments and pumice resulting in colors that are very clean, not grey and chalky. Dark tones are particularly deep and clear. Terrages are very smooth in application; they don't feel extra gritty and don't get used up faster on coated papers. When working on a non-sanded surface the pumice 'opens' the surface of the paper aiding pigment bonding while also adding tooth for subsequent layering. Traditional pastels layer very well over the Terrages. Terrages are handmade and produced in very small batches; this along with changes in raw pigments does lead to some variation in colors.

Special Sets:
WOLF KAHN personally selected colors for his signature sets - The ABC's of Wolf Kahn painting! Each set (A, B & C) has 12 vibrant colors, with no colors duplicated.

24 STUDIO set is Diane's personal choice of her best 'working' colors.

MOOD FOR MATISSE - The School of Paris was about color. Purples and yellows of Provence, Ultramarine blue complemented by orange, with white added made the perfect grey. This set has pastels with a touch of white or black to soften the primary colors.

FAUVE 1905 - Around 1905 the Fauves or 'Wild Beasts' used color to draw and structure their works. This set uses pure color without white or black to soften. Color is conceived as expression of nature rather than the representation of nature.

COMPLEMENTS PLEASE! - Joseph Albers used color in a structural and expressive way. This set encourages pastel artists to mix your colors as you work. Lay down under-color to create and refine the surface color. Complementaries are the 'Aces of colors'!

WHITE OUT - Off whites provide warm to cool highlights and bring colors forward or back. White is opaque and can provide density or weight to a composition. The need is obvious for landscape painters: clouds, snow or reflections on water.

EARTH AND SHADOWS - These are essential colors to offset brighter colors. Earth and Neutral colors are critical in creating volume and depth in a composition. This set is designed to provide a range of expression for all kinds of imagery.

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